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GUM SUNSTAR DENTURE BRUSH 假牙專用牙刷 HK$60 / 3 packs

  • 型 號: 201MJ
  • 庫存狀態: 有現貨



Flat Trim, firm nylon design effectively cleans denture surfaces/ tapered brush cleans smaller hard to reach areas/ lever grip reduces effort for patients with limited dexterity

Toothbrushexpress: The strong, effective and comfortable way to keep dentures clean/ Effervescent cleansers alone cannot remove all food particles and stains/ Flat trim and firm nylon bristles to effectively clean denture surfaces/ Tapered brush cleans smaller, hard-to-reach areas/ Comfortable lever grip reduces effort for people with limited dexterity/ Wide head makes cleaning easier by gently and effectively cleaning outer denture surfaces/ Recommended by dental professionals